Building enduring homeownership in underserved communities

Stable neighborhoods, strong returns

What is Blackstar Stability?

The Blackstar Stability Distressed Debt Fund Program's goal is to provide investors with compelling risk-adjusted returns, while generating significant benefits for low-income and moderate-income families through investments that restructure distressed mortgages and land sale contracts.

Social Impact

Proven, profitable, and beneficial to homeowners and communities

Lower monthly payments

Transfer title to buyers

Reduce foreclosures

Increase homeownership

Stabilize communities

Blackstar Stability has a proven business model that stabilizes families by keeping people in their homes. We help maintain and strengthen neighborhoods and communities and put homeowners on a path to stable homeownership.

Modeled on Success

Blackstar Stability ("BSS") is modeled on two proven programs that were created and operated by our principals. These programs began at the state-level and were scaled to the national level using both public and private funding. BSS is built using the lessons learned from running the program amid the 2007 Global Financial Crisis and is designed from the ground up using a double-bottom line business model that creates compelling risk-adjusted returns for investors while generating significant benefits for low-income and middle-income families and communities.

Meet the Team