Our Story

We align the interests of investors and communities by stabilizing families at risk of foreclosure and restructuring one-sided contracts.

Our Beginning

Our business model started after the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) back in 2007. We started with a state-funded program designed to keep families in their homes following the housing market downturn and recession. The program helped families with substantial negative equity and focused on loan modifications to re-adjust the principal balance and monthly payment on their loans.

The Results

Our state-funded program was a great success. We successfully helped hundreds of families stay in their homes despite initially being underwater.

Our program helped families receive an average principal reduction of $100K and an average payment reduction of $500/month. Our program was the only Hardest Hit Fund Program in the nation that actually made a profit.

Going National

After the success of our state-funded program, we moved our business model nationally by leveraging private capital. Like our previous venture, we targeted low-income, moderate income, and minority communities that were slow to reach full recovery following the Great Recession.

The Results

Our new program was successful in acquiring and modifying on hundreds of notes across the country, thereby assisting hundreds of families.

Led by Principals with over $8 Billion in Real Estate Transactions






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